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Do you have a newly purchased 123hpcom printer and if you are looking for someone who can help to set it up in less time, then we are the one whom you need.

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The durability of a printer is known only by its usage. Issues occur either due to technical faults such as paper jam, paper feed, printer offline, low ink level etc.

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The services provided by our veterans does not confine only by providing instant printer solution but also check all the devices that has been linked to your printer.

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What Else We Provide in HP Printer?

Our high level service comprises of setting up the printer hardware and troubleshooting the issues that you face with the 123hpcom/setup printer. We also offer paid and free services based on the impact of the issue that affects your day to day business.

The technical team we have here, analyze the root cause of the printer issue and provide a perfect solution for it. It is easy to know what else we provide from the list given below.

Quick 123hpcom Printer Solutions

  • Printer software troubleshooting.
  • Printer hardware Solution information.
  • 123hpcom Printer factory reset.
  • Troubleshooting supportive devices for the printer.
  • Network configuration.
  • Operating system update and printer software update.
  • Information about checking the availability of the ink cartridges and ordering it, etc.

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123hpcom Printer Models

Envy Printer
  • Envy Printer

Home users make the most out of this 123 hp setup Envy printer as it has been introduced for fulfilling the printing needs of both the documents and photos particularly.

  • Deskjet printer

HP Officejet printers satisfies the printing needs of the users who run their business from home. You can print, scan, copy and send or receive faxes anytime with this Officejet printer.

  • Officejet Printer

HP Deskjet printers are specially designed for both home and home office users. It is also called as Ink Advantage printer as it saves cost on the purchase of ink by utilizing only the required amount of ink and does not waste it.

Quick 123hpcom/setup

  • The first and foremost thing in setting up a printer lies in unpacking it from the box safely and checking if all the required cables are provided to connect the printer.
  • Place the 123 hp setup printer on a flat surface, connect one end of the power cord to the back end of the printer and the other end to the direct electrical wall socket.
  • Check if all the tapes on the 123hpcom printer is removed including the tape on the control panel display too.
  • Now, power on the printer using the Power button.Choose your preferred language, country/region/location shown on the control panel by scrolling the menu with the help of up or down arrow and proceed to the next step.
  • Insert the power cable between the printer and the computer for establishing a connection and to install the printer driver for the printer to obtain the complete functionality.Take out the ink cartridges from its package and install it in its respective slot.
  • The black cartridge should be mounted on the right side and the tri-color on the left side.
  • Your printer contains an installation CD which should be inserted into the CD drive of your computer.
  • Follow the auto-populated instructions to complete the installation process.If the CD did not work, then download the latest version of the printer driver from our website, follow the instructions and complete the installation process.
  • Insert a plain white paper into the input tray of the printer and align the edges of the width guide so that the paper stays inside the margin.Keep the printer turned on until the setup process is completed.
  • Once the paper is placed on the tray, the printer aligns the ink cartridges and prints an alignment page by itself.
  • Insert a plain white paper into the input tray of the printer and align the edges of the width guide so that the paper stays inside the margin.Keep the 123hpcom printer turned on until the setup process is completed.
  • Once the paper is placed on the tray, the printer aligns the ink cartridges and prints an alignment page by itself.
  • The installation is completed and the printer is good to go if all the above steps are executed properly.
  • A high level description of setting up the 123hpcom Printer is provided below for your convenience.

Solve HP Printer Troubleshooting Issues

How to Solve HP Printer Offline Issue?

123hpcom printer sometimes does not show online and may not print though all the lights on it appear normal. This offline problem occurs due to the improper network connectivity between the computer and the printer. To ensure that this error does not occur, check if the printer cable is firmly connected to the computer. Also observe the network connection status on your computer is active or enabled. If it is not active, turn off the router, computer and printer and turn it on. Now, the status should change online and you should be able to print. Sometimes, the connection status appears active but the 123hpcom/setup Printer shows false offline message. At such instance, try printing the document again; the printer prints it.

Solution for HP Printer Not Printing in Color Issue:

You may wonder why your 123hpcom printer suddenly prints only in black when it supports color printing too. The basic evaluation would be checking the ink level of the tri-color cartridge. If you find the tri-color ink empty, then the printer only takes the black ink to perform the print jobs. Also, the black ink cartridge may also be depleted sometimes. At such instance, the 123hpcom printer prints the job in gray scale and not in color. In order to avoid such scenario, you can avail the help from HP Instant Ink and get registered to supply the stock directly , before you run out of ink. Changing the ink cartridges before the ink is over, avoids print quality issues as well. Replace the ink cartridges even if you find any smudge on the paper you print.

How to Solve HP Printer Network Connection Issue?

The Printer loses the network connection or does not maintain it when the connection formed between the computer, router and the printer is not firm. Find out where the lose connection has occurred and fix it. If it’s a wireless network connection, then turn off the wireless button on your printer and turn it on. Check if the lights are blinking accordingly and then wait for the printer to settle down. The wireless signal light should be stable. If you have connected your printer over a Wi-Fi network, then long press the button on the back side of your wireless router and then release it to restart. These basic solutions should help you overcome the network connectivity issue with your printer.

Solution for HP Printer Scanner network connection error:

We understand how difficult it is when the scanner stops suddenly in the middle of scanning an important document. Check if the scanning function is enabled on your 123hpcom/setup Printer or does the printer contain any loose connections. Unplug all the cables and reconnect it. Try to scan the document. If it continues, check if the network connection between the printer and the scanner is appropriate. If not, it is recommended to update the scanner software of its latest version available on our website. Restart all devices after the update. Observe if the network connection status is active and proceed further. Still if the issue continues, check if the printer requires a firmware update.

print and scan

How to Print

Instant Support for hp envy 4510 how to print, When the Document Properties or Printing Preferences window opens, check if a Printing shortcuts tab is displayed in your hp envy 4510 printer.

How to Scan

Find Here the Solution for HP Envy 4510 How to Scan? If the mode of scan is ADF, then position the paper into the tray with the print side facing up and the top corner enters into the tray first from printer.

123hpcom How to Clean Printhead?

Printhead is an important component of the 123hpcom Printer that helps in bringing the final output properly. The ink cartridge and the printhead carries the same weightage in making the printer function completely. If you find an error message Printhead appears to be missing or Damaged error on the printer’s control panel, then we suggest you follow a few simple steps to rectify the error. Remove the printhead and reinstall it. If that did not work, then reset the printer to obtain the default print settings. Still if the issue did not resolve, then change the printhead with a new one. If the issue is repetitive, then we highly recommend to do a hardware service to your 123hp setup printer.