Canon Mg3620 setup

 Canon Mg3620 setup

Canon Mg3620 setup

Printing is made simple with the Canon MG3620 Printer. Do you wish to set up the printer? Since the printer comes with FINE ink cartridges, the hardware setup isn't difficult. You can check this page to know more about the printer setup procedure.

Setting up Canon MG3620 printer

First, you need to begin with the unpacking process. Check whether the product is shipped properly. Open it and take out the packaging materials from the box. Keep your printer aside and remove all the protective materials from the inside and outside of your printer. You can now turn on the printer.

Turning on the printer

You can use the supplied power cord to connect the printer to a wall socket. You just need to connect one end of the power cord to an electrical outlet, and then the other end must go to the back of your printer. Press the ON button. The lamp on the printer control panel powers up. Start installing the ink cartridges.

Installing ink cartridges

You can experience clear and sharp texts from the Canon MG3620 FINE ink cartridges. Refer to the steps given below to install the ink cartridges.

  • First, open the front cover of the printer.
  • Open the paper output cover.
  • Take the FINE cartridge package and unwrap it.
  • Install it into the respective cartridge holder.
  • Make sure that the cartridge matches the correct slot. The color FINE cartridge goes to the left, and the black one goes to the right.
  • Close the front cover and then the paper output cover.

Now, you can begin loading the paper.

Loading the paper

  • First of all, open the front cover of the printer. You can extend the paper support.
  • Slide the edge guides.
  • Insert the paper. Ensure that you do not overload it.
  • Finally, open the output tray extension.

You've now completed the hardware setup procedure. Proceed to the software installation process.

Software installation

The Canon MG3620 printer comes with a Setup CD-ROM. So, you can obtain the printer driver by just inserting the CD into the CD/DVD drive of your computer. In case the installation wizard doesn't pop up immediately, simply navigate to This PC. Here, locate and double-click the icon to begin the installation. When you are prompted, choose the connection method and continue with the rest of the on-screen instructions to finish the setup procedure. The connection methods that will be displayed are:

  • USB connection
  • Wireless connection

You can even download the printer driver from the official Canon website and install it on your computer. You just have to run the software and continue to perform the on-screen instructions in order to complete the Canon MG3620 setup.

That's how you perform the setup of your Canon MG3620 Printer. Hopefully, the information was helpful.