Canon Pixma Pro 200 Setup

 Canon Pixma Pro 200 Setup

Canon Pixma Pro 200 Setup

Canon PIXMA PRO-200 is an efficient inkjet printer that is designed for large photo printing needs. It uses Full Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering to perform the print operation. The features offered by this photo printer arelisted below.

  • Wireless Printing
  • Fast Photo Printing
  • Advanced Pattern Print
  • Black & White Photo Printing Mode
  • Disc Label Printing
  • Contrast Reproduction
  • Paper Feed Skew Correction
  • Grayscale Photo Printing
  • Index Printing and more

It is an ideal choice for people who prefer photo printing with dye-based inks. If you haven't set up your Canon PIXMA PRO-200 printer, then scroll down this page to know the step-by-step instructions to perform it.

What's inside the box?

Before going to the setup process, check whether the following components are provided inside the product box.

  • Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Wireless Professional Inkjet Photo Printer
  • Setup CD
  • Manual & Other documentation
  • Set of 8 Ink Tanks
  • Sample Media
  • Print Head
  • Multi-Purpose Tray
  • Power cord

If you find any one of these components damaged or missing inside the product box, then contact your printer dealer or the manufacturer.

Setting up the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 printer for the first time

Step 1: Unpacking the Canon printer

Note: If you have already unpacked your Canon PIXMA printer, then skip the following instructions, and go to step 2.

  • Take the Canon PIXMA PRO-200printer out of the packing cover.
  • Remove the packing tapes and materials present in the important parts of the printer.
  • Make sure that the materials are removed without damaging the printer parts.
  • After removing all the packing materials from the printer, place the printer close to an electrical outlet.

Step 2: Turning on the printer

  • Get thePower cordof your printer.
  • Plug one end of the power cord into your Canon printer and the other end into an active power outlet.
  • Now, turn on the printer.
  • Wait for the printer to complete the initial boot-up process.
  • Once it is done, configure the settings such as language, date/time, etc., by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Installing the print head

  • Get the print heads provided along with the printer.
  • Now, gently open your printer's output tray followed by the top cover.
  • Release the print head lock lever.
  • Now, unpack the print head and install it into the printer.
  • Make sure that the heads are placed into the respective slots and lock the lever.

Step 4: Installing the ink tanks

  • Get your printer's ink tanks.
  • Unpack the tanks.
  • Install all the unpacked ink tanks one by one into their slots.
  • After installing all the tanks, close the top cover of your printer followed by the output tray.
  • Before going into the next step of the setup, wait for the initial adjustment process to complete. Once it is done, the Start alignment message will be displayed on your printer's screen.

Step 5: Loading paper

  • Tap OK on the screen displaying the message Start alignment to improve print quality.
  • Open the paper support followed by the feed slot cover of your printer.
  • Fan and load a stack of paper in the input tray.
  • Adjust the width guides of the tray correctly.
  • Pull out the output tray extension of your printer.
  • Now, press the OK button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the alignment process.

Step 6: Connecting the printer to a computer or smartphone

Choose the connection type that you wish to use for the printer. Run the printer's setup file on your computer and complete the setup. If you wish to connect the Canon printer to your smartphone, then install the Canon Print INKJET/SELPHY app on it.

To know more about the Canon PIXMA PRO-200 setup, contact us.