Envy 4510 Printer Setup


Instant HP Envy 4510 Unboxing Setup

Doing HP Envy 4510 Unboxing Setup is not a hard thing to do but you need to be slightly cautious while connecting it. By reading this document you will get an idea of what to do when you buy a new printer and make it function.Remove the sticky tapes that has been used to cover the printer box and take the printer outside. Find a clean and flat surface to place your printer. It can be a spacious table or a small desk too. The printer box should contain cables and power cord to connect it to the computer or laptop you use, two ink cartridges of black and a tri-color, an installation CD, a warranty card and a manual with instructions to connect and more.

To check if you have received all the required components to set your printer, look at the list of contents at the side of the printer box and confirm. Go to the control panel display and remove the tape sticked if any. Now, let’s go to the connecting section of the printer. Link the printer’s rear side with one end of the power cord and the other end to a direct wall’s power socket. Simultaneously, attach the printer cable from the printer to the computer. Now, switch on the printer and the computer. If the lights on the printer is stable and visible, then it has been connected properly. Great! You have successfully achieved HP Envy 4510 Unboxing Setup.