How To Configure HP Envy Photo 7855 Printer.


About Envy7855 Printer

There is a mixed review about this HP envy photo 7855 All-in-One printer. But the overall feedback of the printer turns positive for users to purchase it. Mainly comes the design of the printer- It doesn’t appear like a generic printer due to its black and gold color wrap up. It gives a smooth look and you will feel it nice to carry. For a cheaper ink cartridge, the print speed is highly convincing. The printer has a lengthy cable that allows you to place it comfortably near an electrical outlet. It’s a complete HP envy photo 7855 wireless printer and easy to use as well. By pulling up the gray-colored handle, you can easily clear the paper jam in the printer. That’s actually interesting, isn’t it? The control panel has a color LCD screen and displays the menu crystal clear.

HP Envy Photo 7855

HP Envy7855 Printer

No matter the resolution of the picture you print; let it be a mobile or a computer, you get an amazing print quality. It supports HP Smart app such that printing and scanning from your mobile become so convenient. You have a duplexer to print and copy on both sides automatically. It has many more attractive and useful features that make the user not to have a dual mind.

How to 7855 Print and Scan from the HP Smart app?

  • With this HP Smart app, you can not only print or scan but also troubleshoot the printer or scanner issues if any.
  • Install the HP Smart app on your Android device of version 4.4 or later. The printer and the mobile should be connected to the same network.
  • Open the app, tap Start, agree on the terms and conditions and then touch Continue.
  • Touch the plus sign on the home screen of the app. The app automatically detects the printer that is connected to the wireless network.
  • Verify and tap the printer name that you wish to use if you have more than one printer connected to the network previously.
  • Otherwise, tap Add printer or 7855 a new printer and then go with the instructions on the screen to finish the printer setup.
  • If you are using an iOS device, then download and install the HP Smart app from the Apple store; follow the procedure that we have provided for the Android phone to add your Envy Photo 7855 printer to the Apple device.

  • To print a document or an image from any of your HP envy photo 7855 device, touch Print Documents, Print photos or choose the social media to account in the cloud.
  • Choose the desired file to print from your mobile device or social media account and then touch Print.
  • If you wish to scan a document or photo from HP Smart app, open it, touch Scan, Scan to email or Scan to cloud based on the type of scan you require.
  • Change the settings to ADF or scanner glass by tapping the settings icon and opt the Input source.
  • Tap Done or Save, tap Scan and then tap Send, Save, Share or Print. You can also personalize the home screen and notice the ink levels, order supplies and access printer information using the HP Smart app for HP envy photo 7855.

How to do HP Envy 7855 Copy Documents or Photos?

  • Turn on the Envy Photo 7855 printer, decide through which mode you wish to scan- ADF or Scanner glass and place the actual document or photo on any of it.
  • When using ADF, ensure that the print side faces up and align the width-guides. If you place the item on the scanner glass, then position the print side down.
  • Prefer copying only documents through ADF and photos through scanner glass to avoid the physical damage to the picture.
  • To copy the document or photo, tap the Copy option from the printer’s control panel. Choose Document or ID card.
  • Select the number of copies required by swiping left or right on the control panel display.
  • Tap the settings icon and select the desired settings such as Copy output, 1 >2sided, Resize, Tray selection(main or photo tray), quality, orientation etc on HP envy photo 7855
  • The other copy settings available in this printer are Enhancements, Binding Margin, Save current settings and restoring the factory defaults.
  • Tap the Back symbol and then touch Black or Color to initiate the copy job.
  • If your Envy Photo 7855 printer supports duplex copying, then check if it’s automatic. If not perform a manual duplex copy from your printer.
  • In order to execute a two-sided ID card copy on the same side of the paper, tap the Settings icon and then set the required advanced copy settings.
  • Tray selection- Choose the Main tray or the photo tray, Quality, Brightness of the copy, Orientation etc are some of the important advanced settings.
  • After you customize your preferred copy settings, the printer prints the copy job successfully.

Envy7855 Printer Troubleshooting

  • The print quality issue occurs when the expected quality of the print is not met by the printer such as smudged prints, faded printouts, vertical lines on the images, etc.
  • Always use original HP ink cartridges to avoid print quality issues. Register in HP SureSupply to order ink cartridges or check the level of ink.
  • Insert a plain white paper in the input tray. From the printer’s control panel, go to the Dashboard by swiping down and then tap the HP envy photo 7855 icon.
  • Tap the display, touch Printer maintenance and then tap Clean. The printer starts feeding a page slowly.
  • After clearing the ink smears, attempt to print. If you get an acceptable print quality, proceed to check the correct paper for your print job.
  • Making use of an incorrect paper may create lines or streaks, hence use a clean paper while printing.
  • Place the smoother side of the paper in the input tray that avoids the print quality issue. Avoid using curled or folded papers in the printer.
  • Store the print paper in a plastic cover or a folder. Make sure that you don’t allow moisture on the paper.
  • Validate the print settings in Windows and Mac. In Windows, click File and then Print; the print window opens. Access the Properties dialog box on HP envy photo 7855..
  • Based on the print job, you can change the settings such as Paper Type, Print Quality, Paper Size and Black and White. ClickOK to confirm the print settings and then click Print.
  • Mac users- In the document, click File, and then click Print; from the Print Window choose the Paper Type/Quality or Media & Quality menu.
  • Change the above settings if required and click Save in the Presets menu and then give a name to the new preset.
  • Check the ink cartridge level from the printer’s control panel. Swipe down to get to the Dashboard and then tap the ink icon.
  • If none of them are low on ink, then print a print quality diagnostic page; if not know how to replace the ink cartridges.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and press down on the cartridge to release it. Now, take out the ink cartridge from its slot without applying any pressure.
  • Take out the new ink cartridge from the package; shake the cartridges well before you pull it out from the package.
  • Remove the plastic tape and seat the cartridge which is on low ink into its respective slot. Print a print quality diagnostic page to check if it is rectified.
  • If not, evaluate the defects, clean the nozzles of the ink cartridges or align the HP envy photo 7855. .