How To Fax Envy 4510?

how to fax envy 4510

HP Envy 4510 How to Fax?

  • Step 1: Solution to know how to fax envy 4510 Take out the phone cord of the call back machine from the jack of the phone and then connect it to the port named 2-EXT on the printer’s rear end.
  • Step 2: Plug in one end of the phone cord to the phone jack and the other end to the port named 1-Line on the back side of the printer.
  • Step 3: Ensure that you use only the phone cord provided in the printer box to connect the printer to the wall jack of the telephone, else you cannot fax successfully.
  • Step 4: Slide the display to the left from the setup printer’s control panel home screen and then tap Setup.
  • Step 5: Slide the display in the top direction, tap Fax Setup, tap Setup Wizard and then set up the faxing by following the instructions on the printer screen.
  • Step 6: Choose your basic fax settings such as phone book contacts, dial type, fax speed, change rings to answer, fax volume and fax header.
  • Step 7: Tap Setup by swiping the display to the left and then tap Fax Setup by sliding it up and then select Tools.
  • Step 8: Tap Test and the printer prints a fax test report. Evaluate the report if the printer has passed the fax test and it works. If not, check the entire report thoroughly and fix it.
  • Step 9: To send a fax using the scanner glass, take out the paper from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) if any and then raise the scanner lid.
  • Step 10: Place the fax item with the print side down on the top-left end of the glass. Adjust the document to the carved guides closer to the edge of the glass.
  • Step 11: Shut the scanner lid and tap Fax from the home screen of the 4510 printer. Key in the fax number in the Enter fax number field and tap Black or Color to send the fax.
  • Step 12: Send multiple faxes at a time by using the ADF. Move the ADF paper width guides to its extreme position, place the document with the print-side upward.
  • Step13: Adjust the width guides after loading the paper in the ADF and tap Fax from the setup printer’s home screen.
  • Step 14: Key in the fax number in the respective field Enter fax number and tap Black or Color to send the fax, by following these steps you can get procedure to know how to fax envy 4510 Click Here for HP Envy 4510 Setup.