How To Fix Hp Printer Cartridge Problem

How To Fix Hp Printer Cartridge Problem

How To Fix Hp Printer Cartridge Problem

The ink cartridge error will prevent you from performing printer-related operations until you resolve it. So, when your printer stops responding to the print operation, check whether any of these error messages is displayed on the printer or computer screen. If yes, resolve the error and then perform the print operation.

The error messages displayed on the printer, indicating the HP printer cartridge problem are:

  • Cartridge error
  • Cartridge is in the wrong slot
  • Cartridge missing
  • Cartridge problem
  • Depleted Ink Cartridge
  • Incompatible Cartridge
  • Ink Cartridge Failure
  • Print cartridge(s) missing or not detected

The below section explains how to fix the cartridge problem on the HP printer.Based on the cartridge type(s) that your printer is using, the troubleshooting process may vary.

The troubleshooting methods given below are suitable only for HP 21, 22, 27, 28, 56-57, 74, 75, 56-67, 74-75, 92-98, 123, 302;305, 652, 653, 667, 680, 682, 803, 805, and 901 cartridges.

If your HP printer is using one of the above cartridge types, follow the troubleshooting methods given below to fix the cartridge problem.

Method 1: Installing the compatible ink cartridge

  • Check if you have installed compatible ink cartridges on your printer. (Based on the region, the cartridge model numbers might vary).
  • If you’ve installed an incompatible ink cartridge on your printer, get the compatible one from the HP Store and install it.

Method 2: Reset the printer

  • Remove the rechargeable battery from your printer if available.
  • Ensure that your printer is turned on.
  • Now, unplug the power cord from the HP printer.(Make sure to disconnect the cord when your printer is turned on).
  • After waiting approximately for 1 minute, reconnect the cord and turn on your printer.
  • Now, check if the cartridge problem is resolved on your HP printer. If not, try the next method given below.

Method 3: Cleaning the ink cartridge electrical contacts

  • Check if any debris or dirt particle is stuck on the cartridges.
  • If yes, clean them.
  • To do so, take the cartridge from its slot.
  • Get a lint-free cloth, and using it, clean the cartridge’s copper-colored contact.
  • After cleaning the contact, place the cartridge back into its slot and close the door.
  • Print a test document from your computer to check whether the HP printer’s cartridge problem is resolved. If not, perform the next method given below.

Method 4: Replacing the ink cartridge

  • If you find that the existing cartridge is damaged, replace it with a new genuine ink cartridge.
  • To do so, get the genuine ink cartridge from the HP Store or retail store.
  • Open the cartridge access door of your printer.
  • Remove the damaged cartridge from its slot.
  • Unpack the new replacement cartridge and install it in its slot.
  • Close the door and perform a test print.
  • If the printer prints the document, it means the HP printer’s cartridge problem is resolved.
  • Otherwise, you need to service the printer to fix the problem.

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