How To Print HP Envy 4510?

How to print HP envy 4510

HP Envy 4510 How to Print?

  • Step 1: Instant Support for hp envy 4510 how to print, When the Document Properties or Printing Preferences window opens, check if a Printing shortcuts tab is displayed in your hp envy 4510 printer. Keep reading this page to know how to print HP envy 4510.
  • Step 2: In the Printing shortcuts tab, choose the Print on Both sides or Two-sided Printing option, if provided.
  • Step 3: Click the Layout, Features, or Finishing tab if the Printing shortcuts tab is unavailable. The option may vary as per your hp envy 4510 printer model.
  • Step 4: Go to the Print on Both Sides or Two-sided printing tab to choose the binding or page flip option based on how you want your document to look like.
  • Step 5: Click OK and then click Print. To check if your printer supports duplex printing, it should automatically pulls back the pages in and prints on the other side.
  • Step 6: If automatic duplexing does not work in your printer, then follow the steps below to do it manually.
  • Step 7: Take out the printed paper from the output tray. If you have printed more number of copies, then take all the printed pages outside and align the stack.
  • Step 8: Keep the printed side down facing the input tray but this may change according to the positioning of the input tray (front load or rear load).
  • Step 9: If you have a rear loading printer tray, turn the plain side of the paper facing upward and keep the printed side facing down.
  • Step 10: For front loaded HP envy 4510 printer tray, mount the stack with the printed side facing up and the other side down on the tray.
  • Step 11: Click Continue that will print the other side of the page as well. The duplex printing option is available in both Windows and Mac in different names of the options.
  • Step 12: To obtain a single-sided print, all you have to do is just to open the document that you wish to print, click on the File menu and then click on Print.
  • Step 13: The hp envy 4510 print settings can be modified based on the factors such as paper size, print resolution etc. if required, by following these steps you can get solution to know how to print HP envy 4510 For HP Envy 4510 Setup