Hp Envy 5665 Printer Setup

Hp Envy 5665 Printer Setup

Hp Envy 5665 Printer Setup

The HP Envy 5665 printer setup is done easily. You just have to attach all the physical products that came with your printer package. On that note, begin with unpacking the printer packaging box, install ink cartridges, load paper, and also perform the software installation. Look at this page for simple guidelines that explain the printer in detail and the setup procedure.

HP Envy 5665 printer setup


  • Initially, begin with unpacking the printer box. Take out all the components present inside it along with the HP Envy 5665 printer. Keep the printer aside and remove all the protective tapes from the inside and outside of your printer. Proceed to connect the power cord that is supplied with the printer package.

Connecting the power cord:

  • At first, connect one end of the supplied power cord to an electrical outlet and the other end to a wall socket. Turn on the printer and set your preferences, such as date, time, and language using your HP Envy 5665 printer control panel. Next, continue with installing the cartridges and inserting the paper.

Installing ink cartridges:

Since the printer supports the best print quality output, you need not worry about the performance of an ink cartridge. Simply install every ink cartridge into the respective cartridge holder and proceed to insert the paper. Here’s how to install the ink cartridges.

  • At first, open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Unwrap the new ink cartridge package. Take out the ink cartridge from it. Remove all the protective tapes from it. Ensure that the printer is ready for installing the ink cartridges.
  • Now, insert the ink cartridge. Proceed to load the paper.

Paper loading process:

  • Initially, pull out the paper tray from the printer.
  • Slide the edge guides. Load the paper and ensure that you do not overload it.
  • Later, close the paper tray.

The hardware setup procedure is now complete. You just have to build communication between your printer and computer using the HP Envy 5665 printer driver. So, just refer to the steps given below for downloading the HP printer software.

Epson Workforce WF 3640 Driver Install

Why do you download the printer driver? You need to build communication between your printer and your computer. So, you’ve decided to download the printer driver. From where will you download it? Just navigate to the official HP website.

  • Using the default web browser, go to the official HP website.
  • On the HP home page, enter the printer name in the search bar and then click Search. It directs you to the Downloads page. Here, choose the appropriate OS and click Download next to the preferred printer driver. After downloading it, you just need to navigate to the Downloads folder. Locate and double-click the printer icon. It begins the installation. Continue with the on-screen instructions. When asked, choose the connection method. The available connection methods are USB and Wireless connections.
  • After selecting one of the connection methods, you’ll have to perform the further on-screen instructions. Now, you’ll be able to complete the HP Envy 5665 printer setup.

That’s it. You’ve seen how to perform the HP Envy 5665 printer setup. Implement the steps as described above. Check if the printer is ready to use and start performing your printing tasks.