Ink Tank Wireless 310


About tank 310 Printer

The tank 310 printer prints huge volume of pages at an extremely low-cost-per page. It prints nearly 8,000 color pages and 6,000 black pages with high-capacity ink tank system. It is easy to restore the ink using the resealable bottles with the spill-free refill system that is supplied along with the printer. The printer prints dark and crispy text to get borderless, fade resistant photos and documents that lasts up to 22 times. This HP Ink Tank comprises three different functions such as printing, copying, and scanning. The printer functions with the energy saving feature of HP Auto-Off Technology certified with ENERGY STAR.

Ink Tank Wireless 310

Free HP Ink Tank 310 Driver Download

Instant tank 310 Driver Installation

  • Connect the printer and the computer via USB cable to the same network over a wired or wireless 310.
  • Disconnect the USB cable when it is connected either to the printer or the computer.
  • Remove all the Hp Ink Tank 310 printer drivers that are installed on the Windows computer. Go to the Control Panel and click Devices and Printers.
  • Select all the names under the list and click the Remove Device option to uninstall all the printer drivers.
  • Re do 310 the USB cable to the le to the printer and the computer to open the prompt printer and the computer to open the prompt window.
  • Open the website on the computer browser and type the printer model name in the search bar to check the availability of the full-featured driver.
  • Check the compatibility of the driver with the printer to complete the installation successfully. If not, you won’t be able to operate the printer.
  • Tap the Software & Download option on the download page from the website. Wait till the download completes on the Windows computer.
  • Click the Save button on the pop-menu to save the downloaded file in the default location.
  • Select Open or go to the Downloads folder to open the driver file. Extract the zipped file on that folder or create a new directory.
  • Wait until the program installs on the computer and select your tank 310 printer name under the printers list in the Settings menu.
  • Right-click on the printer name and click the Add button to add the printer to the computer.
  • In the Mac computer, open the Printers & Scanners option. Right-click on the printer name select Use or Print Using to set it as a default printer.

How To Print a Test Page in HP Ink Tank 310?

  • A test page is printed to confirm whether the hardware of the printer functions properly. Make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the computer and the network.
  • The network can be either HP Ink Tank 310 wired or wireless 310. Check whether the network signal is strong and stable. Examine the level ink tanks and has the ink up to the required level.
  • If not, refill the ink using the resealable bottles that are supplied along with the printer. Make sure that the printheads are installed properly by removing the protective tapes.
  • Open the input tray and slide the paper extender to the left side. Load a stack of plain paper into it and check whether you have loaded the paper that is compatible with the printer.
  • Check whether you have downloaded the driver that is compatible with the printer and set the HP Ink Tank 310 as your default printer. Press and hold the Power button and press the Cancel button immediately.
  • Release the Cancel button as well as the Power button and wait for the printer to print the test page. The HP Ink Tank 310 printer now prints the test page which contains all the information about the printer hardware. This helps to find the hardware status of the printer.
how-to-print-a-test-page-in-hp-ink-tank-310 tank 310 – Check Ink Levels

  • Check the ink levels regularly from time-to-time. Compared to other printers the ink levels can be easily checked in the HP Ink Tank 310 printer.
  • This printer has the ink tank window to check the printer ink levels visually. Make sure that you maintain the ink levels constantly.
  • It is good to manage the ink levels between the maximum and minimum lines indicated on the ink tanks.
  • Don’t fill the ink tanks improperly that result in a damage to the printer and create a printing issue.
  • When the ink becomes very low below the line, the print quality gets affected. If you overfill the ink above the maximum line, the ink tank can leak the ink out.
  • Use the original inks that are provided along with the HP printer. The ink is not covered under the warranty when you try to use the non-HP ink.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and enter the model name of the tank 310 printer to order the original HP inks or purchase it from the nearby retailers.

HP Ink Tank 310 Ink Refill

  • Refill ink tank when the ink level becomes low or empty. This ink can be refilled using the resealable bottle shipped along with the tank 310 printer. Make sure that you open the ink bottle only at the time of refilling.
  • Lift the ink tank lid and discard the plug from the particular ink on which you are going to refill. Open the cap of the ink bottle and remove the seal. Restore the cap to the bottle and flip the lid to open.
  • Hold the ink bottle and place it on the tank spout. Gently push the bottle to drain the ink into the ink tank without squeezing. Fill until the ink reaches the maximum level line indicated on the tank.
  • If the bottle does not drain the ink, don’t try to squeeze the ink. Remove the bottle from the tank spout and reinsert on the tank. Make sure that you don’t overfill the ink tank.
  • Pull the ink bottle gently in a straight upward angle when the ink tank is filled. Close the lid on the ink bottle and place it upright. Replace the ink tank plug into the slot to close the ink tank.
  • Confirm whether the ink tank plug is firmly pressed into the tank spout. Repeat the preceding steps when you want to refill more than one ink tanks. Cover the lid on the ink tank. Store the remaining ink on the ink bottle in a cool and dry place.

How to Solve HP Ink Tank Wireless 310 Troubleshooting Issue?

The printer sometimes faces hardware and software issues. You can troubleshoot these issues by the explanatory steps given here for various kinds of issues. Some of the common problems that occur in printer are jam and paper feed issues, printhead problem, and issues on printing, scanning, and copying. Follow the step-by-step procedure given here or refer the user manual to resolve the issue in a real-time fix on your own. One of the best advantages of this type of problem-solving is, you don’t have to carry the printer behind the technicians to repair. If you want to have a guided assistance to solve the printer issues, contact our technician experts or make use the online chat system to brings back your printer to a good condition.

Solve tank 310 Printing Issues

  • The printing issues arise due to various reasons. Refer below for possible reasons and follow accordingly to resolve the printing issues. Check whether the printer uses the original HP printheads and inks.
  • If you are not sure about the product, visit the manufacturer’s website and the printer’s model name to check the compatibility of the product with the printer. The non-HP products contaminate the ink tanks and affect the print quality.
  • Check whether the ink level reached the low level. The low-level ink can also affect the print quality. The improper filling of the ink tank can damage the printer and the non-HP ink causes printhead issues.
  • Maintain the ink levels between the maximum and minimum fill line indicated on the ink tanks. Check whether you have loaded the paper correctly with the print side facing down and the paper is appropriate for the print job.
  • Verify the print settings and look for ink smears on the back of the printed paper. Press and hold the Start Copy Color button at least for 3 seconds to print the Print Quality Diagnostic page, where you can view the ink status of the printer.
  • Open the tank 310 Software to run the printhead cleaning utility and align the printheads. If you don’t find a solution, replace the printhead or service the printer if it is under the warranty period.

Solve tank 310 Copying Issues

  • Remove the power cord from the tank 310 printer when it is turned on and reconnect it after 30 seconds to reset the printer.
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor application on the Windows computer and run the program to solve the copy issues.
  • Take out the paper from the scanner glass and open the scanner lid slightly. Click the Copy button to check whether the scanner light moves or not.
  • Clean the scanner glass with the lint-free cloth sprayed with glass cleaner and reset the printer.
  • Turn off the printer and open the separator pad inside the ADF. Clean the ADF rollers using the lint-free cloth with the distilled water and reconnect the printer.
  • Check the copy settings on the control panel of the printer. Change the settings regarding the quality, color, paper type, according to the job type.
  • Finally, disconnect the power cord and switch off the printer to restart it after 30 seconds to reset the printer and check the power source.

Solve tank 310 Scanning Issues

  • When you are unable to scan a document, an error message appears on the control panel of the printer as ‘Scanner System Failure’.
  • Turn on the tank 310 printer and remove the power cord. Wait for at least 30 seconds and reconnect the power cord.
  • Check the power source after resetting the printer. If the error continues, try to 310 the power cord to the different wall outlet.
  • Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor application. Open the program to run and click the Fix Scanning to solve the issue.
  • Open the scanner lid slightly and remove the original document. Press the Copy button to check the scanner bar functionality.
  • Try to uninstall the printer driver and reinstall the printer driver to clear the scanning problem.
  • Go to the Setup menu and click the option called Restore factory Defaults to restore all the changes to default.
  • Replace the HP product or service the printer when the printer is under the warranty period.

How to Solve HP Ink Tank 310 Printhead Issues?

  • The control panel of the printer displays the error message as Printhead Problem or Printhead Appears to be Missing or Damaged. Check whether the printhead is properly installed and use the genuine HP Ink Tank 310 printheads.
  • Open the exterior door and the printhead access door and press the blue carriage latch. Remove the printhead and clean using the lint-free cloth or paper with distilled water.
  • Ensure that you have loaded the appropriate paper for the print job and check the print settings on the computer. Download the HP Software and select Clean Ink Cartridges under the Device Services tab to run the printhead cleaning utility.
  • If you have followed all the preceding steps and the problem still continues, try to replace the printhead with a new one, or else service the tank 310 printer when it is under the warranty period. If you want more help, contact our technical team for guidance.

How to Solve HP Ink Tank 310 Paper Jams And Paper-Feed Issues?

  • The paper jam can arise in any sections of the printer. The HP Ink Tank 310 printer stops feeding the paper and displays an error icon on the control panel. The resume light blinks to indicate the paper is jammed inside the printer.
  • Look for the jammed paper from the input tray, output tray, printhead access area, and underneath the printer using the flashlight. Remove the curled paper or any foreign objects using both hands.
  • Check the paper in the input tray and reload it. If the problem persists, open the exterior door and the printhead access door to check whether the carriage moves freely inside the printer. If not, look for any obstructions and remove them.
  • Press and hold the Power button to clean the ink smears. Click the Cancel button for three times and click the Copy button for eight times. Release the Power button at this moment.
  • The tank 310 printer makes mechanical noises. Wait until it becomes silent and idle before you go the next step. Raise the input tray and clean the paper rollers inside the tray. Use a damp cotton swab to clean the roller.
  • If the paper jam error persists, reset the printer by disconnecting the printer when it is turned on and re do 310 after 60 seconds. If not, try to service the printer when it is under the warranty period or replace it.