Ink Tank Wireless 418

ink-tank 418-printer

123hpcomsetup/ink tank wireless 418 Printer

The 123hpcomsetup/ink tank wireless 418 all-in-one printer that prints, copy, and scan all in one device and saves the time. Easily refill the ink tank with spill-free resealable bottles. Print, scan from the smartphone and share from virtually anywhere by connecting the printer to a wireless connection. The transparent ink tanks allow to visually see the ink levels and order ink directly through the HP Smart App. The print speeds up to 19 ppm black and 8 ppm color. The supported paper sizes are A4, B5, A6, DL envelope. The file format the scan support is JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, PNG.


Free 123hpcomsetup/ink tank wireless 418 Driver Download

The printer driver establishes the connectivity of the printer and the computer that is connected. It is a software that converts the data to print in a specific form. It is essential for all the printer to install the driver on the computer. Without the driver, the printer fails to perform its function. To maintain the printer for a long time, it is required to have the updated print driver version. If the driver is outdated or software installation CD is damaged, download the 123hpcomsetup/ink tank wireless 418 printer driver from this website. To download, click on the Driver button. The download starts automatically and saves on the computer. The following steps guides to install the software on the computer.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 How to Print Double Side?

  • For Windows, select Print from the document wish to print. Make sure the 123hpcomsetup/ink tank wireless 418 printer name is selected on the dialog box that opens.
  • Open the Properties dialog box. Select the Two-sided (Duplex) Printing shortcut on the Printing Shortcuts or Printing Shortcut tab
  • Select an option from the Print On Both Sides Manually drop-down list.
  • To change the other print settings click the other tab respectively. Click Ok to close the dialog box. Click Print or Ok to print.
  • For Mac, select the Print option from the document to print. Choose Paper handling in the print dialog box. Set Page Order to Normal.
  • Set Pages to Print to Odd Only and click Print. After all the odd numbered pages have printed, remove the paper.
  • Reload the paper with the blank side of the paper facing towards the front of the hp ink tank wireless 418 printer. Set the pages to print Even only and click Print.

Easy HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 Driver Installation

  • The HP Ink Tank Wireless 418 does not support Linux OS but it supports Windows and Mac OS.
  • Before starting to install, obtain whether the printer, computer and software CD are in working condition.
  • For Windows, insert the CD into the computer disc. The system takes few minutes to open the startup screen.
  • If the screen does not open, click This PC and double click on the CD/ DVD icon. Run the .exe file. Follow the on-screen instructions on the computer.
  • For Mac, if your Apple device does not have the CD/DVD drive, insert the CD in other laptop that supports CD and copy the installation file to the USB device.
  • After copying, insert the USB device into the computer and run the .dmg file. Begin to install the printer’s driver on the computer.
  • Always install the full feature driver for the HP printer because installing this driver you will not need any additional HP software.
  • If the CD is not properly working, download the driver from the website. We provide driver solutions for both the Windows and Mac.

Solve HP Ink Tank 418 Paper Jam – E4 Error

One of the common issue user faces is the paper jam error. When this error occurs, the paper is jammed in some particular area in the printer and fail to print. This error appears due to the paper quality. Always load the paper that the printer support. When loading more number of pages, place the same type of paper to print. Do not place the printer close to the open place because dust or any tiny particle may go inside the 123hpcomsetup/ink tank wireless 418 printer and the paper stuck in the middle of the printing.