Laserjet M608dn Printer Setup

Laserjet M608dn Unboxing Setup

Laserjet M608dn Unboxing Setup

“Are you looking for simple and easy steps to perform the HP LaserJet M608DN printer setup?” If yes, continue reading this page.

Setting up the HP LaserJet M608DN printer for the first time

  • Begin with unpacking. Remove all the packing materials from your printer.
  • Place the unpacked printer on a neat surface.
  • Open the printer’s ink cartridge access door.
  • Remove the toner cartridge from its package.
  • Shake it four or five times.
  • Now, remove the shipping cover from the cartridge and insert it into its slot.
  • Close the cartridge access door.
  • Open the paper tray of your printer.
  • Move the width guides of the tray to the ends.
  • Load a paper stack into the tray.
  • Push the tray towards the printer.
  • If you wish to connect your HP printer to the computer over a wired connection, connect the Ethernet or network cable now. Otherwise, skip this step. (Note: Don’t connect the USB cable now. Connect the USB cable between your printer and the computer only when prompted during the driver installation.)
  • Connect the printer to the power outlet and turn it on.
  • Configure the printer settings as per your preferences.
  • After configuring the settings, verify your printer functions by printing its configuration page. To do so, select the Reports option from the printer’s home screen. Tap Configuration/Status Page > Configuration Page > Print. 
  • Now, your printer will start to print the configuration page. Verify the report and check if the functions are configured correctly.
  • Finally, install the HP LaserJet M608DN printer driver on your computer to finish the setup.
  • After installing the printer driver, print a test page to check whether the setup is done correctly.

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