Officejet Pro 6960

HP Oj Pro 6960 Printer Wireless Setup

Support for 6960 6960 designed in order to satisfy the business needs. Avail the printouts at professional quality and at a blink of an eye. This lets you save paper and task handling is simple without compromise in speed. Avail conventional printing options. It is one of the dynamic security printers. For good results, use cartridge with an HP original chip. Using a non- HP chip leads to malfunctioning of HP officejet Pro 6960 printer in the later period. Save at the maximum of 50 % of your cost by printing using the HP officejet Pro 6960 printer. You have print up to 5 times as many black pages text using optional Original HP high yield ink cartridges. Print from varieties of mobiles and tablets easily. You can print wireless and can share the document with other wireless- enabled devices. Duplex printing comes as an in- built feature which lets you save half of the money you spend on buying the paper.

HP Officejet Pro 6960 Setup

Here is the HP Officejet Pro 6960 Printer Support and Specifications

Model Name: HP officejet Pro 6960

Functions: Print, scan, fax, copy

Processor Speed: 500 MHz

Mobile printing capability: Yes

How to Connect from USB to ojpro6960 Wireless Connection?


  • Get a valid network name and password in order to do 6960 to the wireless network.
  • It is suggested to use a broadband internet access like cable or DSL for software download with the help if Web Services, and availing printer updates.
  • Another necessary criteria to be fulfilled is to connect mobile devices, computer to a same wireless network to experience uninterrupted Internet connection.

Convert from a USB connected setup 6960 printers to wireless

  • You can opt for the wireless connection even you have used a USB cable to connect to the computer earlier.
  • You can use your printer from other computers also, when all the devices are connected to a single network.
  • Make sure you have a functioning wireless network with a wireless router.
  • Check the router label to know about your SSID and password to initiate the connection.
  • On windows 8/ 8.1 computer, press start, click on HP, and then on Printer Setup & Software.
  • If you are a Mac user, go to Finder and then to Applications. Tap HP, and then Printer Setup and Software.
  • Tap Convert a USB connected 6960 printer to wireless, key in the network name and password, and get connected.


  • Pre- requisites are nothing but arranging the necessary things before initiating the connection.
  • Gather your network name of the router to which you are connecting the printer to. The corresponding password. It is required to establish the network connection
  • A computer which is capable of establishing the wireless network with the peripherals, and an active internet connection. While preferring wireless connection, you should disconnect any USB from the printer.

Set-up Wizard

  • In order to initiate the 6960 using Wizard platform, you should know the network name and password.
  • The Network name is nothing but SSID, whereas password can be either WEP or WPA key.
  • Navigate to the printer’s control panel, and tap on the setup icon and on network option.
  • Pick out the printer name on the Wireless setup wizard screen. If the name is not listed, move to next step.
  • Scroll to list of networks, key in your network name manually in the provided area.
  • Pay attention while entering the password in the provided fields as they are case- sensitive.
  • Your printer gets established to the network using setup wizard. If not, call us and learn more.

Instant 6960 WPS

You can connect your HP printer to wireless network using WPS in two ways- Pushbutton, PIN mode. In Pushbutton mode, you have to manually enable the wireless icon present on the wireless router, Whereas in PIN mode, you have to enter the network name and respective passwords onto the provided columns to get connected to the network.


  • The pre- requisites provided here is for the users who opt for Pushbutton Mode of WPS.
  • After checking the printer’s and router’s compatibility, you can opt for this mode. To know the compatibility you can check the documentation you have.
  • If you use manufacturers default network name without security, you cannot use Pushbutton mode to connect the HP Officejet Pro 6960 printer to the wireless network.

Connecting your hp officejet pro 6960 wireless printer to router using WPS Pushbutton Mode:

  • Opt for this mode only when your printer has a physical WPS pushbutton on your router.
  • You have to enable pushbutton mode on your HP Officejet Pro 6960 printer.
  • The details on how to start WPS 6960 on your HP Officejet Pro 6960 printer is available in your printer’s manual.
  • Leave the printer undisturbed without proceeding. Enable WPS button on router within 2 minutes you enable on the printer.
  • If the connection is successful, you can assign print job and start printing the required document.
  • If not, you can call our experts and clear your doubts regarding Pushbutton mode.
  • Our contact detail is displayed on screen. Feel free to reach and get appropriate solutions.

Easy HP Officejet Pro 6960 USB Setup

Use the full feature printer driver to get your printer most out of it. Check whether you have turned on your printer, and then Go to Devices and Printers option below devices, and right- click on your printer name. Tap on Remove devices and similarly remove all icons exist for your 6960 printer. Go with the USB option and get connected.


  • Power on your HP Officejet Pro 6960 printer and keep it in the ready state to proceed further.
  • It is recommended to use a USB cable which is less than 3 m in length to avoid signal interruption. Check whether you have connected the printer directly to the electrical supply.
  • Avoid connecting the computer before installing and running HP driver. If you did no issue! Just follow the prompts, remove the device, install the driver, and setup the connection.

Procedure for Software Installation

  • The Software is mandatory to start printer operations. Check the below instructions and install it.
  • Get the required software from us, trail the guidelines to install it successfully.
  • Check you are installing the correct software on your Windows or Mac computers.
  • Install the recent version of software on your computer to make your printer best out of it.
  • Place it on a drive, click install and run. If you are a Windows users, the file will be in .exe format.
  • If you are a Mac user, the file format will be in .dmg. Tap it, and install in the desired location.