Officejet Pro 6978

HP Oj Pro 6978 Setup

Instant 6978

We understand how eager you are to open your new printer and try printing a color document or photo that makes you feel happy. It is not that difficult to do the setup. Unpack the printer and take out the cables, power cord and the ink cartridges from the box. After placing your printer on a flat surface, remove the tape on the printer display. Do 6978 the power cord’s ends to the printer’s rear and the computer. Plug-in the cable from the printer to the direct electrical wall outlet.

Keep the printer turned on, install the ink cartridges into their slot and with the help of installation CD, equip the printer with the latest driver. Once it is all set, the printer prints an alignment page and gives go ahead for multi-tasking.

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Setup

HP Officejet Pro 6978 How To Print?

HP Officejet Pro 6978 How To Print Photos?

These steps will provide you information about printing photos from your Windows or Mac computer. The procedure to print may remain almost the same for both the operating systems but with a few changes in the options.

  • Insert the paper for printing photo into the main input tray. ( Windows & Mac).
  • To print the photo from Windows, open the file with Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Click Print or click File and then Print to view the settings window.
  • Change the required settings and advanced settings if required and click Print.
  • If you are printing from Mac, edit the photo and modify the appearance settings.
  • Access the photo that you wish to print, click File and then click Print.
  • If you are printing through the photo app, then click Print at the bottom.

HP Officejet Pro 6978 How To Print Documents?

Printing documents using printer is simple after changing the print settings of your wish. The steps below holds good for both Windows and Mac but the settings may vary with respect to their names.

  • From a document in Windows, click File and then Print to view the general settings.
  • For advanced settings, click the Printer Properties, Properties or Preferences option.
  • After changing the layout and color settings of the document, click Print.
  • From the app you created the document in Mac, click File and then click Print.
  • Access the Presets option from the Printer menu to change the paper settings.
  • Change the mode to single or dual-side as per your requirement and other settings.
  • Click Print to obtain a printed document handy from your Mac computer, Contact Us for 6978.

How to HP Officejet Pro 6978 Scan and Copy Documents?

Scan Documents

If you have a document either in a computer or in a USB drive, this document helps you with the steps to scan the document from the control panel of the hp officejet pro 6978 printer. It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Ensure that the printer is turned on and linked to a network before scanning.
  • You can scan from the printer’s control panel to your Windows or Mac system.
  • To scan to a computer, place the document on the scanner glass or ADF.
  • Tap Scan and then touch Computer from the printer’s control panel.
  • Choose your respective computer name to save the scanned document.
  • Tap Scan shortcut and then select the corresponding shortcut for your document.
  • Choose the file format as PDF or any other as per your choice and tap Start Scan.
  • To scan to USB drive, plugin the memory device into the hp officejet pro 6978 printer and tap Scan.
  • Tap USB on the control panel and tap Save As; choose the required file format.
  • Key in the name of the file under File Name and then tap Start Scan, Contact Us for 6978 Solutions.

Copy Documents

With HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer, you can quickly copy any document from the control panel. Check if your printer supports ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), else make use of the scanner glass to place the document.

To print a one-sided copy

  • Keep the paper’s print side down in the center of the printer’s input tray.
  • Align the paper width guides until it touches the edges of the stack and push it forward.
  • Drag the output tray extension until the printed paper comes out completely.
  • Tap Copy from the control panel display of the hp officejet pro 6978 printer.
  • For more number of copies, scroll up or down to choose the number.
  • Set the copy to black or color for the printer to initiate the copy job.
  • Change the settings to 2-sided or based on the printer model for duplex copying.
  • Depending on your operating system, do one of the following to open the printer software:
  • Window 8:Click scan a document or photo from the computer, type your printer name in the Search box and then click HP Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Window 8.1:From your desktop, click the hp officejet pro 6978 printer icon and then click Scan any item. Enter your printer model in the Windows search and click HP Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Window 7:Click Start, go to All Programs, click HP, click the printer folder, and then choose your printer icon from the desktop screen of your computer.

Easy HP Officejet Pro 6978 Connection

Easy Wirelessly Protected

  • The Wi-Fi Protected Setup lets you form the wireless network to your printer quickly without the need of network name and password.
  • you can opt for any one of the methods mentioned below.
  • The Push button method and the PIN method. These PBC method is supportive only if your router has a push button on its rear. For the PIN method, you can connect to the network with a simple network password.

PBC method:

  • Tap right arrow, Setup and then Network from the control panel of the printer to go to WPS screen. Tap Wi-Fi Protected Setup, touch Push button and view the guidelines on the display.
  • Hold and leave the push button for 3 seconds and within minutes your printer gets connected to the wireless network. Once it is connected, the wireless light on the printer stops blinking.

PIN method:

  • From the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer’s control panel buttons, tap right arrow, tap Setup and then touch Network. You will find a WPS PIN printed at the bottom of the page. Now, tap Wi-Fi Protected Setup and then go ahead with the instructions.
  • Tap on the PIN when prompted and the PIN displays on the control panel of the printer.
  • Access the configuration utility or software for the wireless router or access point.
  • Key in the WPS PIN and wait for 2 minutes. Your printer should successfully get connected and the wireless light stops blinking.

Traditional Router

  • Gather the materials such as Printer, Wireless router, a USB cable, latest printer driver and a software installation disc before you proceed with the process.
  • Install the required hp officejet pro 6978 printer driver and computer software that provides access to the printer. Connect the printer over a wireless network router using a USB cable.
  • Turn on the printer after connecting the router to the network.
  • Click the Start button and click on the printer icon to access the printer properties.
  • Disable the tick next to Enable bidirectional support on the ports tab and click on the Add port option, highlight the standard TCP/IP port and click on New Port.

Connecting your product with a wirelessly

  • Keep clicking the Next button until you are asked to enter the IP address/port name.
  • Enter the IP address of the router in the place of Printer name/IP address.
  • When you fill in the IP address, the port name will display automatically.
  • Click on the Next button for the computer to locate the hp officejet pro 6978 printer by itself.
  • Click on Custom and then settings for the Standard port to appear on the monitor.
  • Check the Protocol settings and key in 9100 on the port number. Click Ok if the settings do exist prior.
  • Based on the screen prompts, complete the configuration settings and later print a test page from your computer to the printer to confirm the router connection.

Quick HP Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Setup

HP Officejet pro 6978 Wireless Setup saves the investment of your time and money using a leased line. Because, it supports printing on the go that makes the job of the end user easy to enhance their professionalism.

Wireless Setup without Router

Procedure for envy4510 Software Update

  • Access the HP Wireless Direct or WI-Fi Direct from the printer’s control panel and activate it.
  • Ensure that the WI-Fi radio is enabled on your mobile device or computer and then proceed 6978 your printer to Wi-Fi Direct.
  • If you have activated the HP Wireless Direct with security, then provide the required WPA password when prompted by your mobile or computer.
  • If it is not protected, install the printer software for your computer. Select the connection as Wireless when prompted by the software.
  • Install HP Printer plug-in application of the latest version if you are using a mobile device for printing.

Move to a wireless 6978 from a USB Setup

  • Ensure that you have a wireless router connection is done to a wireless network with the network name (SSID), a wireless password for maintaining a secured connection over the web.
  • Ascertain that your computer is connected to the network. If your printer is disconnected from the computer, then connect it using a USB cable.
  • Based on the operating system follow any one of the instruction
  • Windows 8 users: Open the printer software from the Start screen, choose Utilities on the top of it, select Printer setup & software and choose Convert a USB connected printer to Wireless.
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP user: Ensure that the printer software is arleady installed on your computer and follow the steps below.
  • From the Windows Start screen, go to the Programs.
  • Access the HP folder and click on Printer 6978 & Software.