P Error Code



When the blinking HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 P Error Code is displayed, test the power with a compatible power cable from a different printer. If you have another power cable that is compatible with your printer, use the alternate cable to repeat the steps mentioned in the previous topic. Then try connecting the printer using the alternate power cable to a working power supply. If the printer turns on with the alternate cable, the original power cord is responsible the issue. Purchase a new power cable from the manufacturer.

Check whether the ink tanks are full:

  • The ink tanks are inscribed by two limit lines – maximum and minimum limit lines.
  • The maximum limit line indicates that the ink should not cross it and the minimum limit line indicates that the ink level should not be below it.
  • Ensure that there is enough ink in all the tanks before starting the priming process.
  • Ensure that the printheads are properly installed
  • Installing for the first time – Remove the printheads from the package. Turn on the printer, open the exterior door, then open the printhead access door.
  • Wait till the printhead carriage moves to the center position. Push the blue-colored printhead latch to open the carriage.
  • Slide the printhead at an upward angle and insert it into the empty slot. Check whether it is locked in its position.
  • After inserting all the printheads into the designated slots, close the printhead access door and the exterior door.
  • If you have already installed the printheads, check whether they are inserted properly. Install the printer driver software and print a test re.ort to check the print alignment.
  • Do not open the blue-colored latch after installing the printheads unless you are installing new printheads.

Load paper into the input tray

The HP INK TANK 410 is a dynamic photo printer that has the input tray built at the rear side at an inclined angle.

Take a pile of A4 sheets or photo papers that are compatible with the printer. Refer to the user guide to learn more regarding the supported paper types.

Recheck whether any tapes or stickers are still present inside the tray. Slide the paper width guides to their maximum limit.

Load the pile into the input tray. After loading, adjust the paper guides until they recline against the paper stack.

Keep the paper guides close to the papers. Do not overload the tray. Turn on the printer and start printing.

Check whether the printer can start the printing process

  • After verifying that there is sufficient ink in the ink tanks, the printheads are properly inserted, and paper is loaded, align the printer and start the priming process.
  • Press and hold the Resume button on the printer’s control panel for a few seconds to initiate the priming process.
  • The printer will print an alignment page. The alignment page will have a small dark-colored mark at the bottom.
  • Lift the scanner lid and place the alignment page with the print side facing down at the right-front corner of the glass pane.
  • Close the scanner lid and position the alignment paper according to the paper guides around the scanner glass.
  • Tap the Start Copy Color button located on the printer’s control panel. The printer will align the printheads.
  • Alignment will be completed when the ‘A’ icon becomes ‘0’ on the control panel. The Priming process is completed.
  • If the above methods fail to resolve the hp ink tank wireless 410 p error code, try resetting the printer, Click Here for HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 Printer Setup.

Solve HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 P Error Code, Resetting the HP Ink Tank Wireless 410 printer

  • Resetting the printer helps to restore the printer settings back to the default version. This method helps to resolve the operational issues.
  • Follow the forthcoming steps to perform the reset process. Turn off the printer and wait till the printer turns idle. Remove the power cable and disconnect the printer from the power supply.
  • Turn off the computer or laptop that you are using to print from. If the network connection is established wirelessly, disable the printer’s wireless network connection.
  • Turn off the router and wait for few seconds. Reestablish the router’s power connection. Turn on the router and wait till you see an indication in the LED light.
  • Tap the wireless button on the printer to turn on the Wi-Fi option. The printer will automatically reconnect to the available network.
  • If it does not connect automatically, try associating the printer manually to the network. Turn on the laptop. Enable the WI-FI feature and connect the laptop to the same network.
  • Open the Settings menu on the printer. Navigate to the Control Panel settings, locate the Reset/Reset to factory version option and click on it. The printer will be reset, by following our instructions you can easily solve hp ink tank wireless 410 p error code.