Windows 10 Setup


How to do HP Envy 4520 Windows 10 Setup?

  • Solution for How to HP Envy 4520 Windows 10 Setup? generally involves simple procedure after which you can start printing the required documents. We provide the instructions on how to add your printer in Windows 10 computer.
  • Connecting the personal computer to the printer by means of a USB cable is generally preferred. By doing this you can set your printer even as a default printer.
  • You can even opt for Wireless or Wired mode of connection to initiate the link between the computer and the network connected devices. Here we provide the instructions on how to add a local printer.
  • Make use of a USB cable to link the printer and power on the printer. Once it is done, go to the settings app from the start menu, and then tap on the Devices.
  • Go with the Add a printer or scanner option to include your HP Envy 4520 printer to the print queue. If windows is able to detect your printer, tap on it and follow the prompts.
  • If the windows is unable to find your connected printer, tap on the printer that I want isn’t listed. If you find any issue while connecting the printer to the computer, you can use the respective troubleshooting tips to resolve the setup issue.
  • To include the HP Envy 4520 printer over a wireless network, you have to know about the network name and the password of the network you are using.
  • Go to the printer’s LCD panel to key in the wireless setup. Choose the Wi- FI network, key in the SSID, and password in the provided field.
  • In certain scenarios, you should disconnect the USB cable connected between the printer and the computer to install software. Or you can add the printer by clicking the Settings option followed by the Devices option, by following these steps you can get solution for How To Setup HP Envy 4520 Windows 10? Click Here for Instant HP Envy 4520 Setup.